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IBC has developed an integrated study methodology with accounting offices based in the United States and Brazil. Each case is directed and analyzed individually for the resolution of fees, and payments of incurred taxes, in each existing structure.

With this integrated study system, we are able to make the analysis faster and more precise, in order to offer the least expensive output, always within the governing Law in each location.

The tax accounting structure in Brazil is totally different from the American one, which often leads clients, and even local accountants, to not reach the best way to act because they are unaware of the legislation of the other country and thus incur more taxes and rates higher than what could be paid for with proper study.

Our concern is to maintain the tax and accounting structure of all our clients in compliance with local legislation, both in Brazil and the USA, or in other locations that may exist in the corporate legal structure.

The IBC performs the analysis of existing structures and offers the study to regularize and improve the dynamics of paying taxes, effectively and safely.

Make an appointment with us to better understand our integrated study methodology.

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